What Is CoinAlert University?

We host a live monthly bootcamp called CoinAlert Camp. We record those bootcamps and make them available via CoinAlert University. Each camp builds on knowledge gained in the previous camp. We hope you'll find the bootcamps as helpful as our community members do, and we also hope you'll join us on Discord. You'll never find a crypto community more devoted to mentorship, sound decision making, or good vibes!

Camp #3 Is Coming!

June 25-27 2021

CoinAlert Camp is a monthly virtual bootcamp hosted by the founders of CoinAlert and the moderators of the CoinAlert Discord community.

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Learn what Bitcoin is and why it has become the highest performing asset in history.


Learn how to achieve high portfolio growth via early-stage altcoin opportunities.


Learn how to move your digital assets around and protect them from seizure and loss.


Learn the ins and outs of exchanges -- both centralized and decentralized.

Crypto Loans

Learn how to use crypto loans and lines of credit to magnify your gains.

Portfolio Mgmt

Learn how to build your portfolio and hedge against volatility.

Our Community

If you value mentorship, good vibes, and you are eager to grow your wealth, join us on Discord! There are hundreds of people in our community eager to help you achieve the life of your dreams. If you're already a seasoned pro, we'd love to learn from you!

Need a tool that will help you spot opportunities?

Get alerted when market events happen.

CoinAlert is an app that we created to help our community members stay ahead of the game. CoinAlert functions as your eyes on the market, offering several types of alerts that will help you spot new investment opportunities and stay on top of coins you already own.